My Film Bag allows you to view, share and store your radiology images online.

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How does My Film Bag work?

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You will receive an SMS or email which steps you through the account creation process.

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Each time you have an X-ray or scan you will receive an SMS or email alerting you that your new images are ready for viewing.

Designed for Patients

X-rays and scans are an important part of your medical history but you never know when you will need them. My Film Bag provides you with secure, convenient access to your medical images anywhere, anytime.

Beneficial for Referrers

In most cases, referrers will have soft copy access to medical images directly from the X-ray clinic, but what happens when patients arrive for an appointment and images are not available?

My Film Bag ensures that images are always available to referrers when needed.

Useful Features

Using a simple app or web viewer, you can view or share your images with medical specialists, family or friends.


Using the desktop or app viewer.

Patients are curious and X-rays are interesting. My Film Bag provides patients with a simple, intuitive viewer for viewing their scans.


With clinicians, family and friends.

Whether consulting with a surgeon, sharing precious baby snaps or bragging to friends about a sports injury, My Film Bag provides patients with the ability to share their images via social media or full medical viewer.


In the cloud for anywhere access.

Previous X-rays and scans may be important but are rarely there when you really need them. My Film Bag ensures that images are stored securely in the cloud so that they are available 'anywhere, anytime'.

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